1 a : marked by excessive sensitivity and impulsive mood changes

a temperamental child

   b : unpredictable in behavior or performance

a temperamental computer

2: of, relating to, or arising from temperament : constitutional

temperamental peculiarities

ˌtem-p(ə-)rə-ˈmen-tᵊl-ē, ˌtem-pər-ˈmen- adverb

Tem.Per.A.Men.Tal. forces you to focus on the instant.
With a game of rotating plates at different speeds, this time-machine is willing to show you what it feels like to catch an instant and awaken you on the perception of time. Taking consciousness of your presence during this fast second where your reflection appears in the mirror at the alignment of these 3 elements.
Composed by three rotating brass rings, each one of them holding a key element to the perfect operation of the reaction. The light, that goes on and off, is here to call the subject and creates a brighter environment in front of the glass. Totally translucide, the glass will turn into a mirror only when the black plate will be behind it, creating a dark background for the mirror.