Tatreez Design

Tatreez Design is a social brand empowering Palestinian women through their traditional embroidery.
By blending the traditional Palestinian patterns into a more contemporary design, the brand targets a western public in order to support the artisans financially.
Lead in four refugee camps all over Lebanon, from Bourj Al Shamali and Ein El Helwe (south) to Beddawi and Nahr Al Bared (north), the project gives a close look on the daily fight of the women against their social and economic situation.The several embroidery techniques and approaches to colors, fabrics and patterns added to the new designs are the manifestation of a will of evolving and showing the world an open-minded spirit.

The work of the artisans within Tatreez Design lead to the development of a line of products going from clothing to bags and accessories. The products are designed merging tradition and innovation:
the embroidery, colorful and vivid, takes part in a revolution within the tradition.

For visiting Tatreez Design shop, for collaborations or for supporting the project, you can visit the website here.