Petit Catalogue d’Oiseaux

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts decided to celebrate it giving a tribute to the time that has passed and the moment we have reached. Petit catalogue d’oiseaux consists in a back and forth in time, through 7 emblematic figures of 1937, the year of ALBA’s birth.

The general shape of the show is based on the panorama process - mobile paintings of big dimensions really popular during the XIX century - long before the arrival of cinema.

Following precise themes, these two installations are a tribute to the famous painting Guernica and the symbolism of the phoenix.

Tribute to Guernica
The victims of this massacre are remembered through small light sparks floating around us, going and coming due to the movement of two metallic frames of 2m positioned in the dark on the sides of the stage.

The Phoenix
Accordingly to the name of the show , “small catalogue of birds”, this installation is a reproduction of the Phoenix in all its splendor. This rotating fireball is a suspended 2m metallic ring lit with a led strip in a 4m metallic cube.

in collaboration with Ghida Bahsoun.